Cydia iOS 9.1

Cydia iOS 9.1

As Apple updated, the iOS 9 series with the release of iOS 9.1, the talk of iOS 9.1 jailbreak begun as it was a release which patched the Pangu 9 jailbreak possibility for users. Surely you too must be a user who is looking for the Cydia iOS 9.1. But still we couldn’t reach any reliable news of the jailbreak iOS 9.1 from the jailbreak community to report you. But hope these will useful as it will give you an idea of Cydia iOS 9.1 briefly.

Cydia iOS 9.1

Jailbreak iOS 9.1

As we formerly mentioned you, still the iOS 9.1 is there as a version which still couldn’t jailbreak to download Cydia. But we hope that it will arrive soon, before the release of the next iOS update of Apple. If the jailbreak community fails for that, we will have to stay away from another few iOS versions as those are not able to download Cydia. But you must remember that the Pangu jailbreak and the Taig are the renowned jailbreak teams as all are looking a new jailbreak tool from them always. Because Taig is the tool which supports us to jailbreak iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3 and the Pangu 9 download was the iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak tool which is currently available for iOS 9 users.

Taig jailbreak for iOS 9.1 Cydia

As most users still looking for Taig if they are able to reach the Cydia iOS 9.1 possibility as they were the first to start the jailbreak iOS 9 possibility. So, even they fail for that, the Taig jailbreak was remarked the jailbreak history with their releases on iOS 8.4 Windows and Mac tools. Anyhow, now we are looking for them whether they are able to offer us the Taig jailbreak with Cydia iOS 9.1. Rumors reported, that they are trying for the Taig jailbreak for Cydia iOS 9.1 as they fail with the battle of Pangu for the iOS 9 jailbreak. So this will be good as they too are working for that and we will be able to reach a great jailbreak tool for Cydia iOS 9.1.

Pangu jailbreak for Cydia iOS 9.1

Pangu was the final jailbreak tool and the only one which entered the iOS 9 jailbreak achievability. Therefore, even the other teams and the Taig will fail for the Cydia iOS 9.1, Pangu jailbreak must be the victor. Because of that, most say, that oftenly Cydia iOS 9.1 jailbreak possibility will reach us with a new Pangu jailbreak.

Anyhow, we wish to reach the jailbreak tool to download Cydia iOS 9.1 soon from Taig or Pangu. As still all these are only predictions, be there to update with iOS 9.1 Cydia as soon as possible.