Download iOS 10 [Preview] – ‘The Biggest Update Ever’

There are more than one billion iOS devices in use globally. It means that update to iOS is a major event. On 13th of June at WWDC apple has begun to unveil about their next big step, iOS 10. As expected, the first announcement of the apple’s next generation mobile operating system, iOS 10 has out by apple at their annual WorldWide Developer Conference 2016 get-together in San Francisco. Hence, you can read our detailed analysis of iOS 10 features and everything else you need to know about the latest operating system software, first to download iOS 10.

ios 10 complete review

iOS 10 device compatibility : Can I get the latest mobile OS, iOS 10 on my iDevice ?

iOS 10 download, the tenth major version of iOS is now official arrived, but will it work with your existing apple hardware? Here is a list of every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices that support latest iOS 10:

ios 10 devices

The last two iOS versions – iOS 8 and iOS 9 have listed iPad 2, iPhone 4s and 5th generation iPod touch as their cut-off point for legacy device support. Recently released iOS versions have been designed to run find on iOS devices running with 512MB of RAM, but iOS 10 has particularly optimized to run on iOS devices with 2GB of RAM or more like iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPhone 6s.

In order to push apple’s iOS to the next level, apple will decide that 1GB of RAM is a necessary minimum. It means that the original iPad mini will be the cut-off mark of the support list.

Note : Download iOS 10, it is impossible to run on iPhone 4s, original iPad mini or iPads older than the iPad 4.

Multiple iOS 10 : What are the new features?

The apple CEO, Tim Cook has described about iOS 10 as the ‘biggest release ever’. iOS 10 comes with lots of new features and improvements. Many apps have redesigned and several will be opened to 3rd party developers. Hence, you can read the summery of what is coming to iOS 10.

ios 10

  • Raise to wake feature
  • Siri is now open to developers and it will integrated to famous apps like WhatsApp.
  • New face recognition for photos with scene and object recognition.
  • Redesigned lockscreen and rich notification.
  • Brings QuickType to the iOS keyboard with improved predictive text and suggestions to add relevant files and pictures.
  • Introduce new ‘Clear all notifications’ command.
  • Redesigned navigation UI. This will also open up to developers.
  • New ‘Memories’ tab to iOS 10 photos.
  • Revamped Apple music. Apple music is now simpler.
  • Redesigned Maps app.
  • New feature called ‘Home’ to control your smart devices.
  • News app has been redesigned.
  • Redesigned Message app with rich link, larger emoji and more.
  • Upgrade the Phone app bringing ability to read transcripts of voicemail messages.

When is iOS 10 coming out?

A developer preview of iOS 10 will be available immediate. The public beta of iOS 10 should break cover in July. At this moment, we expect that the full stable release will land with the apple’s next generation iPhone, iPhone 7 in September this year.

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